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Meta Roofing & Construction - Branding & Web Development

Meta Roofing And Construction Are My Big Clients Since 2014, They hired me to advise them on how to set up everything so that they can have the best success in roofing. I developed a logo from scratch that gave them ultimate confidence over their competition.


Crossfit West Wood - Graphic Design & Web Development

I did of graphic design, business consulting, marketing consulting, marketing strategy and web development. Mat’s company was very successful, they have been in business with me since 2018 and we are about to launch their private coaching and do a 2nd project.

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Hey, I do logos, the price is 35 for basic, 45 for standard and 97 for advanced. If you want graphic work done it’s 50 for a regular graphic and 150 do so something more elegant. If you want business cards, I don’t prince but I can design one on template ready to print for 25, If you want an amazing business card design the price will be 70! I hope this was simple, thanks!