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Matt Haynes


Rhemi Best is a great website designer. I found his ad on craigslist and I gave him a call. I have to admit, I thought it was a little sketchy at first just because I found his ad on craigslist but I took a chance and went with it. I am extremely pleased with my website for my business. I warned him that I am EXTREMELY PICKY but he fulfilled every little request I asked of him. He really did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend his service. He performed everything in a timely manner and was very responsive via ohone, email, and text. It was 100% done by Rhemi. Thank you Rhemi. I hope you hit me up for my lunch offer!

April Mckeel


Made Her First 1,000 Dollars
My name is April I am the Ceo and founder of MBG Aroma Candles. Rhemia built my entire website and it was nothing short of amazing. He was very knowledgeable, he walked me through every step until I was pleased and I definitely would hire him again. Great experience.

Chris Halatoa


So grateful for Remy professional service, did a great job outlining a family reunion design… With in 24 hours sent back family reunion design and it was perfect.. Will return for future projects as a satisfied customer.

Reginald Marshall


Very professional and thorough. I highly recommend this company for website design.

Taphe Guet Resort


We are a travel company. This is our 2nd time working with Sitesforstars. We didn’t have a brand, a business website, and didn’t know how we were going to present ourselves. Remy consulted me and my partner about everything we needed to do to get our first customer. He started by helping us create an amazing logo with a leopard and sun which was his idea, he defined our brand colors, set up a full website and video to tell the world what we do. He also built in payment systems. It was very exciting to work with S4s, we feel that Remy went extra miles and we got so much value than we paid. Thank you so much Remy!

Robert Lee


Thanks for The Site so Quick! Remy is the Go to Guy for Websites he went the extra mile for me and my company his rates were Fare and Effective! I would highly recommend him to any and all people who’s looking for a beautiful site and 5 star customer service and satisfaction his motto is it’s not finished until YOUR happy!

Value Source USA


Rhemi is a true professional. He spent a lot of time with me on the phone about my needs and walked me through solutions. He is very very knowledgable around digital marketing and is a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to working with Rhemi and Sitesforstars as long as we are in business!

Poetic Playz


Delivered On A Tight Deadline
I met Mr. Rhemia Best my Chance through a phone call. He Offered His Services, I explained in detail what I wanted. He Delivered ahead of Schedule. Great Clear Quality Graphics. Thank You Mr. Best

Shady Grove Learning Center


Developed a website and logo for myself and it’s very impressive. Rhemia is responsible and complete work on time. He is available any time to discuss about the work and does not hesitate to meet when it’s needed. Look forward to work more with him.

Jimmy Jacson


I own roadrunner plumbing co. in fort worth texas.i had a old website and person that did it years ago died, and it wasn t very good. Call many website companies . when i talked sitesforstars.They did me a great website, Would recommend them to everyone.

Golfworld Unlimited


Rhemia Best has done a remarkable job taking care of us and our website. Lord knows we arent a walk in the park to do business with. But he has been very patient and supportive of our inability to do anything when it comes to web hosting and domains. Not to mention his talent and creativity that he himself utilized on our website!!! I would give him a ten stare if I could. I recommend Siteforstars to the next person or business needing assistant or service with web hosting and design.

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