How To Make A YouTube Ad

What is going on. Everybody is me here today. I’m going to show you how to create YouTube paid advertisements. Now, before I start doing this training for you, that’s really fast. I want to let you know this is going to be very basic.

I can’t go over a lot of things that may help you make your campaign better. But it is better to run a campaign that is just basic than nothing at all. So that’s what we’re doing now. So here we go.

So the very first thing that you need to do is go to ads dot, right? Adds Duvall briefly. You are ill. Yeah. And you need to go here and create an account so you can go here. Make your account.

You can go and sign in. I’m going to hit sign in. And as you can see, I have a couple of accounts. I’m going to click here. And now another thing you have to know about YouTube is, of course, it’s run by Google.

And so you will be having to build a Google account. I’m not going to go over it. Google account creation. I’m going to go over how to create the app because I don’t have a lot of time on Instagram.

So the very first thing this right here is telling me to add a backup payment. I already have a credit card in here, so I don’t need a backup payment. And this right here says, I don’t have any ads in some campaigns, but I do so.

So don’t pay attention to this. So the first thing you want to do is click this big blue button to create new campaign. All right. And so I’m going to create a campaign for myself and I’m going to create a campaign to marketing, let’s say, my website design company.

So I’m going to go to a site for star stock on. The very first thing you want to do in creating campaigns is to understand which company you want to market. So we look at here, we have a company that builds websites for, say, 500 to 1000 bucks or more.

So, okay, so how do we get these people? What are these people looking for? So a lot of people who need websites are people who need logos like they want to start businesses and then they need a website.

So that’s a customer journey. So logos, then they need websites. Then once they get websites, they need YouTube as an and how to scale their company. So we’re going to run a campaign to offer free logo design to attract people who are going to possibly want to get websites in the future.

So I’m going to go ahead and come back here where we were creating our ad. And what you want to do here, you want to go to create a campaign without a goal or guidance. So you have an open slate, right?

And once you go there, you want to go to video, remove this activity, this video. All right. What’s it going to be? You want to go to customize your campaign and you want to go to Continuum? Once you do that, you want to go ahead.

And start putting in the information for the campaign so you can come in and create a custom name. But I’m going to leave it there for the day for now. Actually, let me let me go ahead and change that so I don’t confuse us.

So this three. Raining right now protecting you on a do over here is what your campaign total so what you should do is go here and go to daily unless you’re running a campaign for a long time you wind up with daily.

Now, whenever it comes to Facebook and YouTube advertisement, you need at least $5. $5 is the amount of money on Facebook, especially for the algorithm to be able to go around and get enough results. And so you want to start with at least $5 per day right now going back down here.

There’s a lot of choices in between. I’m not going to go over that. I’m going to stick to United States languages. Usually on Facebook you would have to put English, but right here, so like to English. So I’m going to leave that there.

Inventory time, excluding types. I’m not going to go over those right now. Related videos, that’s not important. Now over here, you can title every each and every one of these groups, especially whenever you are testing things, you want to follow things by what you’re testing.

So that’s what you would do here. Now, demographics, this is a one you I’m going to go over this. You can choose the kind of people you want to target. So for me, the people that pay me are not 18 to 24.

They’re not 25 to 34. They’re not 35 to 40 more. They’re about 45 and up. And the best buyers are female. So we’re going to exclude males and females, but be careful on YouTube. They will give you trouble if you do that.

So we’ll leave that up. I have 50 seconds. So now you can target by keywords or yeah, you can talk about keywords. So we’ll just put logo sign and that’s it. And then the next thing you want to do is put here the bit you wanna put about $0.13.

So point 13. And you want to scroll down. And right here is where you put your video and you advertise your ad and you click launch and that’s it. So let me go ahead and click Control Paste. That’s my website.

I had a great brand. There we go. Okay. And then you make it skippable and then you put your final, your L, which is my u r l and you put the display r l, which is automated call to action.

We can skip that. And after you do that, you can actually create a banner right here.




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